An Optimal Spine Equals Optimal Health

Back in 1895, the founder of Chiropractic wrote that mental, emotional and chemical stresses as well as physical trauma i.e. (car accidents, slips and falls) create disturbances in our nervous system affecting our fullest potential for health. This premise takes into account that our central nervous system, comprised of our brain and spinal cord, acts as the intelligence line of our body. (Information travels along and through the spinal cord.)

When this intelligence line is adversely affected, the body’s ability to heal itself is in jeopardy. Then we need help. The help a Chiropractor gives is to locate and correct the areas of spinal misalignment. Correcting this misalignment begins first with looking at your posture and how you stand in relation to gravity. In a healthy spinal system the life force moves uninterrupted throughout the body from above-down, inside-out.