Dr. Gary Johnson is the best chiropractor!!!

Dr. Gary Johnson is the best chiropractor!!! I’ve been going to him for years. I started because I was getting a lot of migraine headaches. Now, I hardly ever get them. He uses the activator and only adjusts what needs to be adjusted. I used to go to a manual chiropractor and I always felt worse and I was definitely always bruised after that session. The activator is much faster and more accurate vs. manual adjusting. I can go to Dr. Gary with a pain in my shoulder and he will adjust that exact spot and the pain with disappear immediately. But you definitely have to keep going in for maintenance. You don’t feel or hear your bones crack like you will at a manual chiropractor, but you will feel the difference if you are consistent. Dr. Gary is a very kind and is a resource of information. He is highly trained at what he does. He is very accommodating to my needs. I highly recommend going to him if you are in need of a chiropractor. ~JK