The Pain Went Away

I’ve been going to Axis Chiropractic for more than 3 years now and there is no other place like it!  One time I came in with a terrible pain in my lower back I’ve had for some time, I could barely move.  Apparently my previous doctor couldn’t adjust my lower back because “it wouldn’t give in” as he put it, so this went on for a while.  Dr Tambra was able to shift it in minutes and the pain went away in two days!  I was amazed.  Needless to say, I’ve been coming back ever since.  

What I really like about Dr. Tambra and Axis Chiropractic is the vibes I feel when I go there.  I get a lot more than just back adjustments, I enjoy going there because for me it’s a place to relax and get away from all the stress at my job for half an hour. Each time I have a visit with Dr Tambra, I get greeted with kindness, authenticity, support and I walk away feeling great! ~KB