Why Don’t Chiropractors Treat Patients With Drugs?

Chiropractors are doctors that are dedicated to finding the cause of less than optimal health, and their goal is not the treatment of symptoms, therefore, chiropractors have no use for drugs in their practices. That’s not to say that there isn’t a time and place for them in medical emergencies or certain disease processes. Chiropractors feel that the body comes equipped with all of the tools necessary to restore health so there is no need for dangerous drugs.

We live in a drug-oriented society, and eventually we will pay the price. Chiropractors appreciate the fact that if nature was smart enough to create the universe, set the laws of nature in order, create a power in each of us that was able to create our entire body in just 280 days. It didn’t just happen to forget to put antibiotics, vaccines, and other drugs into our blood stream.

Some drugs extend the life of people who would otherwise die, but most drugs do nothing more than interfere with the body’s normal function and heal on it’s own. Drugs rarely fix the cause of decreased health, they usually only mask symptoms. Chiropractors envision a society where people experience health at such a level that they don’t need to turn to the little pills in the bottle.