What If I’m Injured While Playing Sports?

There are problems and risks associated with engaging in sports and physical fitness activities. Backs, necks, shoulders, knees, ankles, wrists, fingers, toes and in fact most bones, joints and connective tissues are subject to misuse and injury when people play hard! Seniors, individuals long out of shape or with disabilities, children who haven’t yet learned how to protect themselves during physical exertion, and adolescents whose bodies are changing rapidly are among those at even greater risk than men and women in fairly good shape. Among the causes of sports-related injuries are:

  1. Overreaching, overdoing it, pushing too hard to achieve health or performance goals;
  2. Failing to use good judgment to avoid injuries;
  3. Not knowing your limitations, or knowing yet driving yourself beyond them in the heat of competition and the desire to perform more and better;
  4. Trying to recapture a lost (or even imaginary) past of youth and vigor when you excelled effortlessly at physical contests and pastimes that you now find so difficult or demanding that they are nearly impossible for you;
  5. Playing all out with insufficient warm-ups, nutrition, training, and guidance;
  6. Not receiving the treatment possible for injuries that do occur;
  7. Failing to recuperate fully after injuries or overexertion because you can’t wait to “get back into the game.”